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  • Mr. White went into his usual teashop one morning, and sat on one of the seats at the counter. 一天早晨,懷特先生像往常一樣走進茶館,坐在柜臺的一個座位上。 Many other people came in also, but none of
  • I m a word. I have three letters. 我是一個單詞。我由三個字母組成。 My first is in snow but not in ice . 第一個字母在 snow 中但不在 ice 中。 My second is in rose and also in rice . 第二個字母既
  • My parents work in a shoe factory. 我的父母在一家鞋廠工作。 They get up at five thirty. They first get breakfast ready. Then they go to work by bus. 他們五點半起床。他們先做好早餐,然后坐公交車去上班
  • Look, this is a picture of a park. It is not black and it is not white. It is red, yellow, blue, and green. 看,這是一幅公園的畫。這幅畫不是黑的也不是白的。它是紅色的,黃色的,藍色的以及綠色的。 Is t
  • It s a very nice day in October. The students are having a maths class. 這是十月非常美好的一天。學生們正在上數學課。 But Bob is looking out of the window and watching the clouds move across the blue
  • Today is Sunday. Bob is going to the zoo with his classmates. 今天是周日。鮑勃要和同學去動物園。 He put on his new white T-shirt and yellow cap. 他穿上新的白色T恤,戴上了黃色的帽子。 He says goodbye
  • It is eleven thirty. Deborah and her friends are not having lunch. 現在是十一點半。黛博拉和她的朋友們正在吃午餐。 They are having morning coffee . They are talking about their husbands. One of them
  • Li Ying likes English very much. She works hard. She reads English every morning. 李穎非常喜歡英語。她很努力學習英語。她每天早上都會讀英語。 She likes speaking English. She often listens to the radio
  • An old lady has a cat. The cat is now very old. She cannot run fast, and she cannot bite. 一位老婦人養了一只貓。這只貓現在很老了。她跑不快,也咬不了東西。 When the old cat sees a mouse, she jumps to
  • Lucy looks up from her book. The whole class is laughing at something. 露西的目光書上抬起來。全班都笑什么東西。 She turns around and asks Maryann what is funny. 她轉身問瑪麗安什么事那么有趣。 Maryann
  • One day after school the teacher says to his students, Tomorrow morning, if anyone of you can answer my first question, he or she can go home early, 一天放學后,老師對他的學生們說: 明天早上,如果
  • My name is Jane. My grandfather is very careless. He is a very clever man, but he never remembers little things. 我的名字叫簡。我爺爺非常粗心。他非常聰明,但是他從來都記不住小事情。 April 27th is my
  • Fred is in his room. He is doing his homework. 弗雷德在他的房間里,他在做作業。 Homework isn t nice, he says to Tiger. 家庭作業不好, 他對泰哥說。 Tiger is my friend , he writes. 泰哥是我的朋友
  • My name is Bill Smith. I m American and I m a student in a middle school. 我的名字叫比爾 史密斯。我是美國人,我是一名中學生。 I m 13. my hobbies are music and football. My two sisters are students, t
  • The bus stops at the next stop. A mother and her child get on the bus and sit down. The conductor comes to them for the tickets. 公交車到了下一站。一位母親和她的孩子上了公共汽車,坐了下來。售票員讓他
  • Mr Black has two cats. One is big and the other is small. He likes them very much. 布萊克先生有兩只貓。一只大貓一只小貓。他非常喜歡這兩只貓。 One day his friend Mr Green comes to see him. He is very
  • How do you make a telephone call in English? Do you know? Let me tell you. 怎樣用英語打電話?你知道嗎?讓我告訴你。 If you want to ask someone to come to the telephone, you cannot say, Please ask Mr
  • Dick is seven years old, and his sister Mary is five. Today their mother takes them to their grandma s house and then she goes out. 迪克七歲了,他的妹妹瑪麗五歲。今天媽媽把他們送到了奶奶家,然后就出
  • We are at the Lu Xun Museum, boys and girls. 孩子們,我們現在到達了魯迅博物館。 You know, Lu Xun was a great writer and thinker. From the exhibits in the museum, I m sure you will know more about Lu
  • Who is the first president of the United States? a history teacher asks one of her pupils. 誰是美國第一任總統? 一位歷史老師問她的一個學生。 The pupil thinks for a long time, but he doesn t say an
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  • 奧數網整理了關于2023小學英語作文范文:Belling the cat,希望對同學們有所幫助,僅供參考。 long ago,there was a big cat in the house.He caught many mice while they were stealing food. One day the mice b
  • 奧數網整理了關于2023小學英語作文范文:pen pal,希望對同學們有所幫助,僅供參考。 Dear He Jian, My name is Wang Jiajia. I study in Xinqi School. I m twelve years old. I like English very much, because
  • 奧數網整理了關于2023小學英語作文范文:my parents,希望對同學們有所幫助,僅供參考。 When I was in primary school, my parents told me I must keep my eyes not so close from the book, or I would become u
  • 奧數網整理了關于2023小學英語作文范文:一年四季,希望對同學們有所幫助,僅供參考。 There are four seasons in a year. The spring, summer, autumn and winter. I think spring is the most beautiful season.
  • 奧數網整理了關于2023小學英語作文范文:I like listening,希望對同學們有所幫助,僅供參考。 I like listening to music best. Because listening to music makes me relaxed.When I am tired,I will listening s
  • 奧數網整理了關于2023小學英語作文范文:backpack,希望對同學們有所幫助,僅供參考。 I have a backpack. It is large and it is blue. It is a birthday gift from my parents. I love it very much. It is very
  • 奧數網整理了關于2023小學英語作文范文:My hobby,希望對同學們有所幫助,僅供參考。 My hobby is collecting stamps. There are many stamps in my room. I like stamps very much. There are many things on the
  • 奧數網整理了關于2023小學英語作文范文:delicious food,希望對同學們有所幫助,僅供參考。 like to eat different kinds of delicious food , however, my favorite food is dumplings. In my spare time , I lik
  • 奧數網整理了關于2023小學英語作文范文:I like summer,希望對同學們有所幫助,僅供參考。 In the summer the trees and leaves are green.Flowers are open too.People dont like to go outside.They want to sta
  • 奧數網整理了關于2023小學英語作文范文:mothers birthday,希望對同學們有所幫助,僅供參考。 Today is mothers birthday. I give mother bought a nice big cake, and sing a song for her, wish her a happy bir
  • 奧數網整理了關于2023小學英語作文范文:Fish,希望對同學們有所幫助,僅供參考。 I am a girl of eleven. I like animals. Of all the animals, I like fish best. Fishes are animals in water. They swim in wat
  • 奧數網整理了關于2023小學英語作文范文:Spring,希望對同學們有所幫助,僅供參考。 I like spring best of all the four seasons. When spring comes, it s getting warmer and warmer, and the world becomes ric
  • 奧數網整理了關于2023小學英語作文范文:Summer,希望對同學們有所幫助,僅供參考。 Summer is the second season of the year. When summer comes, it is getting hot and sunny. The days are getting longer and
  • 奧數網整理了關于2023小學英語作文范文:my Dog,希望對同學們有所幫助,僅供參考。 I have a litte Dog Xiao Pang .Because It is very tittt small.It'yellow and brown.It olways run with me.It is so big.It